Why Branding is Important
2015 to Present Logo that was redesigned to include both businesses

Why Branding is Important

Back in 2010 I started SRoyalS Productions with no real thought as to how I was going to have a business. I was focused on one thing and one thing only: following my dreams. I had no website, few clients but wanted to get myself out there. Word of mouth only gets you so far. At the beginning of 2012 I created my first website for SRoyalS Productions and it was mediocre. I had my sister through together a logo in black. I had hits on the site and people liked my Facebook posts but I wasn’t getting any additional business.

In March of 2014 when I started Royal Designz, I had a game plan. There were multiple logo designs and there was a color scheme. I knew what I wanted on the site and I knew it needed to be catchy. You only get a once up and down to make an impression. If people like your site, that’s when they click on the other pages.

What’s the point of my story? I had to learn as I went – by trial and error. Not all businesses have the ability to wait for years to succeed and work on the side like I did. Here’s what you need to know now:

  1. Pick a color, pick a few colors– but know what those colors are and stick to them. When SRoyalS Productions and Royal Designz were different businesses and websites they had one thing in common: the color. I wanted people to be able to go to either, see my logo at the bottom and know they were related. Even my blog, which has been completely separate throughout the entire process, has been the exact same shade of blue. It’s my signature color. You need a color or two.
  2. Design two or three logos and pick one. You see a big yellow arch and you know it’s McDonald’s. It’s simple and it’s distinguishable. All of the best logos have a simple layout and are either the letters of the business or something that they represent. Facebook – a white f on a blue background. Don’t think too hard about it and remember that you don’t have pay someone an exorbitant sum of money to create something unique. My logos have all had one thing in common: a crown. Throughout the years the crown has been different, but it’s always been there. The crown represents my middle name: Royal.
  3. You need to Get Found. I don’t normally advertise buying a product, but in this case, this is one that you actually need. Here’s why: when I started out I created a YouTube account, which Google later bought out. I had multiple emails which I couldn’t keep straight and different information all over the place. During my rebrand this past month I’ve been going through trying to get everything on the same page with email address changes, business name changes and so on. Instead of me having to log in to 20 different accounts, I log in to one, updated and resubmit. They do all the hard work. You have much better things to be doing with your time then trying to remember your password to your account for xyz. If your information is different from one site to another, you lose your credibility.

Keep it simple to start out. No one wants to be overwhelmed with information. The key is to make sure that you are presenting yourself the exact same across different platforms and that you are recognizable and remembered, the rest will fall in to place after.

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