Comment Spam Time Saving Plugin

Comment Spam Time Saving Plugin

I’m not sure about you, but when I was first starting my personal blog I received endless amounts of comment spam. Being a novice user I was flattered that I was receiving all these comments from people, despite the fact that they created very strange usernames and had abnormal email addresses. Some users told me they liked my blog and asked about the theme and how long I had been writing and stuff like that. Other comments, which were clearly spam no matter who you are, ones with foreign characters and blatant misspellings, I deleted right away. Over time, more spam comments kept funneling in and it got to the point where I decided to turn off comments altogether on my blog.

About a year later I started making websites for other people. The first site, for pinup model Sailor Cherie, was going to have multiple galleries and needed to have commenting enabled so that users could connect with their Facebook profiles and leave comments on the images. I was not interested in having to regularly log in and delete the spam comments though. It was around that time that I was learning that comment spam can actually compromise a website if someone has that intention. Determined not to have to log in daily just to clean out the junk and make sure the site was secure I started asking around for a good plugin to use.

A good friend, Alex, recommended that I use a plugin called CleanTalk. He said that he used it on his mom’s site and that it had been instrumental in keeping her site free of junk. Alex informed me that it did come with a small cost but that it was well worth it. I decided to install it and give it a try during the free trial period and then I would make my decision.

After the first week I was incredibly impressed. It blocked over a hundred spam posts! By the end of the two week free trial I decided to invest the $8 to protect the site for another year. In terms of the time I’ve saved it was probably the best $8 I’ve ever spent.
comment_spam_emailWhen it came time to make a site for my mom, one that I knew was also eventually going to need a commenting feature, I upgraded the CleanTalk plugin to allow for more licenses and haven’t looked back. They even send me a weekly email letting me know exactly what they’ve done. My running total on spam comments blocked : 1,747. That would be 89 pages of junk comments!

Don’t just take my word for it though, go ahead and install it and try it out. The plugin really speaks for itself! You’ll be able to find it in the Plugin section listed as : Spam Protection by CleanTalk.

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