I think the most important part of any website is the about section. Why you ask? I want to know about the person or company that I could potentially do business with. I want to be absolutely sure that I am choosing the right business. I want you to be sure too! I want you to say without a doubt that I am the right person to help you build your career or business and your online presence.

The name SRoyalS is the combination of the first letter of my first name, my middle name and the first letter of my maiden name.

I have a degree in Politics and Spanish but immense knowledge and certifications in web development including SSL’s and Search Engine Optimization. I have designed sites with CMS’s such as WordPress and Joomla as well as static HTML. I also have extensive knowledge in Web Security. I’ll make sure your site not only looks great, but is secure as well!

How SRoyalS Came to Be

In college, I was supposed to write a cover letter explaining why I wanted an internship with a congressman and was drawing a blank. It was then when I realized that I no longer wanted to have a career in politics and decided I was going to make music videos for a friend instead.

I had completed a script a in 2009 and was planning on sending it in to multiple production companies (where it would probably never get read) when I sat down for dinner with my friend, Aden. Aden encouraged me to make the film myself instead of sending it in and thus began the journey of creating SRoyalS Productions.

After I finished my first feature-film, I started working at a globally recognized website and hosting company. I had dabbled very briefly in designing very simple websites when I was in middle school- all with the free one week or one month trials. At that age I had no use for a website and no real money for which to pay for it. I have now been designing websites seriously since 2012. I have built very basic websites as well as multiple page interactive websites. I currently work in the Website Security Division for the largest hosting company in the world.

For more about me, please visit my blog at!